ePawn Atlanta is conveniently located with shops throughout metro Atlanta. Simply bring your item of value to any of our 8 locations and one of our friendly pawn professionals will have a short meeting with you where they will determine the value of your item or items and determine if you would like to get a pawn or sell your item.

ePawn Atlanta Team
ePawn Online

Manager | Mark Leach

Phone | 404.538.5800

Address | 685 Spur 138 Jonesboro, GA 30236

Douglasville ePawn

Manager | Emile Khouri

Phone | 770.577.5895

Fax | 770.577.5897

Address | 6362 Fairburn Rd Douglasville, GA 30134

Howell Mill Atlanta ePawn

Manager | Andrei Karvat

Phone | 404.351.1414

Fax | 404.367.9882

Address | 1708 Howell Mill Rd Atlanta, GA 30318

College Park ePawn

Manager | Judy Roberts

Phone | 770.892.1022

Address | 5611 Riverdale Rd College Park, GA 30349

Jonesboro ePawn

Manager | Cathy Hood

Phone | 770.472.9596

Fax | 770.472.9985

Address | 685 Spur 138 Jonesboro, GA 30236

Lawrenceville Mr. Pawn

Manager | Luis Dominguez

Phone | 770.513.2822

Fax | 770.513.9349

Address | 2369 Lawrencville Hwy Lawrencville, Ga 30044

Villa Rica ePawn

Manager |Justin Rodenbeck

Phone | 770.456.2720

Fax | 770.456.2721

Address | 749 West Bankhead Villa Rica, GA 30180

Griffin ePawn

Manager | Lori Yarber

Phone | 770.228.7525

Fax | 770.228.7526

Address | 1301 W. Taylor Street Griffin, GA 30223

Stockbridge ePawn

Manager |Pedro Cabeza

Phone | 770.474.5115

Fax | 770.474.5116

Address | 5481 N Henry Blvd. Stockbridge, GA 30281

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How It Works

Sam is looking for a way to make quick money with little hassle, so he fills out our pawn online form to pawn his valuable item. He hears back from our team and we express interest in offering him a loan in exchange for his pawned item and a shipping label for sending it in. He sends his item in and our team evaluates the value of the item and offers Sam $10,000 for a pawned item if he agrees to pawn it. If not, ePawn will securely pack the item back up and ship the item back to Sam. Sam decides to accept the offer, so our team gives Sam $10,000 and securely holds his item as collateral for the loan. Interest on a $10,000 loan will cost $800 per calendar month. Sam can pay $800 after the first month of the pawn to extend their pawn for another month, and he is welcome to do this every month indefinitely until he is ready to pay $10,800 and reclaim his pawn. The other option Sam has is to forfeit the pawned item and have no further obligations of reimbursement.

Interest: $1-$500 = 25% APR // $501-$1000 = 15% APR // $1001 and up = 8% APR