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No other Gold Pawn Shop can do what ePawn Superstore can do for you, and fast! If you’ve got bulk gold, gold jewelry, or high value gold that you need to convert into fast cash, ePawn Superstar makes it possible to do that without ever having to leave home! There has never been a time in civilized human history where gold did not represent wealth. Bulk gold, scrap gold, gold bricks, and even ornate gold have always been one of the quickest assets to liquify if money was needed for debt payments, wars, or other expenses.

In our lifetimes, we run into financial situations from time to time. And just like in those old days, Bulk Gold is a great commodity to have around! Gold has forever been one of the most coveted items to have in storage because of its steady, long-lasting value and fast ability to convert into cash. If you’ve found yourself in possession of gold bullion, gold bars, gold coins, scrap gold or jewelry, we can help you turn it into much needed cash, without even having to leave your living room! Just click the “Get Quote Now” button and Boom! You’re on your way to the cash you need!

ePawn Superstore Is Your Best Online Gold Pawn Shop

Nobody makes it easier to pawn gold online than ePawn Superstore. And nobody gives you the cash you need as quickly and painlessly as ePawn! You can turn your bulk gold, gold watches, gold jewelry, scrap gold, gold coins, or even the sack full of gold bricks you lifted from Ft. Knox into cash without ever having to leave your living room! Just click the “Get Quote Now” button, fill out the online form, upload a picture, and tell us a little about your gold items.

Any details about karats, weight, purity, thickness, and other important criteria will help us be able to give you the most accurate assessment possible. Should you choose to accept our initial offer, we’ll send you a printable shipping label, along with instructions for packing and shipping your gold (100% safe, secure, & confidential). We’ll make a final assessment, and send you a finalized offer. If you like it, accept it, and sign for it, the only thing you have left to do is collect your money! All online!

ePawn Superstore wants to be your top choice for online gold pawn shop! We have the highest percentage of satisfied online pawn customers, from start to finish, of any other regional online pawn shop dealer. We’re here for you when you need cash fast! Don’t delay! Turn your gold into cash, fast! Start your online pawn experience today, with ePawn Superstore!

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How It Works

Sam is looking for a way to make quick money with little hassle, so he fills out our pawn online form to pawn his valuable item. He hears back from our team and we express interest in offering him a loan in exchange for his pawned item and a shipping label for sending it in. He sends his item in and our team evaluates the value of the item and offers Sam $10,000 for a pawned item if he agrees to pawn it. If not, ePawn will securely pack the item back up and ship the item back to Sam. Sam decides to accept the offer, so our team gives Sam $10,000 and securely holds his item as collateral for the loan. Interest on a $10,000 loan will cost $800 per calendar month. Sam can pay $800 after the first month of the pawn to extend their pawn for another month, and he is welcome to do this every month indefinitely until he is ready to pay $10,800 and reclaim his pawn. The other option Sam has is to forfeit the pawned item and have no further obligations of reimbursement.

Interest: $1-$500 = 25% APR // $501-$1000 = 15% APR // $1001 and up = 8% APR