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ePawn makes it easier than ever to get the Loans on Jewelry you need.

“ePawn helped me out in a really tight spot. Never made me feel bad about my situation. Very respectful. They gave me a very fair pawn loan on my jewelry, didn’t hassle me, didn’t pressure me for payments. Best yet, I just got my last ring back! Great service. I hope to never be in that spot again, but if I am, I know where my people are.”

~Satisfied ePawn Customer

ePawn Superstore Offers the Best Loans on Jewelry – Top Cash, Low Interest, Fast & Easy!

You need cash. You have jewelry. The solution to your situation is simple. Bring your fine jewelry and other valuables to any of our 8 ePawn Superstore locations, and get the best Pawn Loans you could hope for. We offer hard, cold, cash for pawn in-store or online. Quick appraisals, great service, and the cash you need are waiting for you at ePawn Superstore!

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  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Charms
  • Wedding Sets
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  • Engagement Rings
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  • Luxury Watches
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  • Low Interest Rates
  • Easy Buyback

We all know what it’s like to feel like you’re constantly in-between paydays. Maybe things have taken a turn, maybe you or a loved one have run into unplanned medical bills, or maybe you’re getting ready to start a new business venture, and you need cash until your ship comes in. ePawn Superstore has your best interests at heart when you need loans on jewelry or other valuables. We offer no-judgement, hassle-free pawn loans for your valuables. Our pawn loans are secure, and your items are always insured, whether you ship them to us, or bring them by the store. When you need cash, you can pawn or sell gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and so much more! We offer big bucks for diamond jewelry, jewelry with precious gems and stones, even loose diamonds or other precious gems. Whether you have no more use for your jewelry, you want to see what’s out there, you’re looking to trade in your jewelry for other items, or your items are fine enough to yield the pawn loan you need in order to get where you need to be, ePawn offers great service, fair market appraisals, top prices, low interest rates, and easy buybacks for pawn loans. Call us, contact us, utilize our online portal, or come in to any of our 8 great Metro Atlanta area locations.

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How It Works

Sam is looking for a way to make quick money with little hassle, so he fills out our pawn online form to pawn his valuable item. He hears back from our team and we express interest in offering him a loan in exchange for his pawned item and a shipping label for sending it in. He sends his item in and our team evaluates the value of the item and offers Sam $100 for a pawned item if he agrees to pawn it. If not, ePawn will securely pack the item back up and ship the item back to Sam. Sam decides to accept the offer, so our team gives Sam $100 and securely holds his item as collateral for the loan. Interest on a $100 loan will cost $25 per calendar month. Sam can pay $25 after the first month of the pawn to extend their pawn for another month, and he is welcome to do this every month indefinitely until he is ready to pay $125 and reclaim his pawn. The other option Sam has is to forfeit the pawned item and have no further obligations of reimbursement.