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Needing to liquidate your luxury items for cash? We’re making it easier than ever to pawn your designer handbags online at ePawn Superstore. Pawn Louis Vuitton Online, as well as Gucci, Balenciaga, Chanel, Dolce Gabbana, and more!

Pawn Louis Vuitton Online, as Well as Other Designer Purses and Designer Bags.

At ePawn, we recognize the value of your items. We also know that sometimes you need cash in hand more than you need those items. If you’re looking to turn your designer handbags into cash, our secure Pawn Online service is for you! You can pawn Louis Vuitton online, as well as Chanel, Balenciaga, Gucci, Dolce Gabbana and other designer bags, all from the comfort of your home. Our professional team is committed to getting you the greatest value for your valuables. Your designer purse or handbag is insured and in good hands from the moment it leaves yours. Fill out our free Pawn Online form to get an up-front estimate from our team of experts, so we can get you closer to the cash you need!

How do I Pawn Online?


Get A Free Assessment & Up-Front Estimate.

  • Upload high-quality images of your item
  • Describe the item, using details that prove value
  • Get an up-front estimate from our experts
  • Accept or Decline the initial offer, and proceed

Send Us the Item For Physical Inspection.

  • We’ll send you a link with a printable label
  • 100% Insured, 100% Safe
  • Shipping is usually free
  • Pack your item securely & send it in!

Receive Loan Offer. Agree, Sign, Get Paid!

  • We’ll finalize the offer on your asset
  • We send you an electronic contract
  • You sign it electronically & send it in
  • You get paid and collect your funds

Which Luxury Purses and Handbags Can I Pawn Online?

  • You can Pawn Louis Vuitton Online
  • You can Pawn Chloe Online
  • You can Pawn Balenciaga Online
  • You can Pawn Gucci Online
  • You can Pawn Dolce Gabanna Online
  • You can Pawn Chanel Online
  • You can Pawn Cartier Online
  • You can Pawn Bulgari Online
  • You can Pawn Versaci Online
  • You can Pawn Prada Online

You can pawn all these luxury purses and luxury handbags online, as well as many other luxury accessories! Start your pawn online process, now!

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How It Works

Sam is looking for a way to make quick money with little hassle, so he fills out our pawn online form to pawn his valuable item. He hears back from our team and we express interest in offering him a loan in exchange for his pawned item and a shipping label for sending it in. He sends his item in and our team evaluates the value of the item and offers Sam $100 for a pawned item if he agrees to pawn it. If not, ePawn will securely pack the item back up and ship the item back to Sam. Sam decides to accept the offer, so our team gives Sam $100 and securely holds his item as collateral for the loan. Interest on a $100 loan will cost $25 per calendar month. Sam can pay $25 after the first month of the pawn to extend their pawn for another month, and he is welcome to do this every month indefinitely until he is ready to pay $125 and reclaim his pawn. The other option Sam has is to forfeit the pawned item and have no further obligations of reimbursement.