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All of our ePawn shops offer pawn loans in Atlanta and middle Georgia. If you need the most possible cash in a hurry, stop by one of our ePawn locations to apply for a short term cash loan. We offer low interest loans that give you the most competitive prices you need for some of the lowest rates in Metro Atlanta.


An ePawn loan is a cash loan given against valuables like jewelry, electronics, instruments, video game consoles, and even automobiles—without a credit check or hassle. The amount of the loan is based on the value of the item. If you need cash, bring items of value to ePawn shop in Atlanta.

Our highly trained team will sit with you, and evaluate your items based on a specific set of parameters depending on the items. We will provide you with details into the value of the item, and offer you cash on the spot. Once the loan is repaid, your valuables are returned to you. It’s the easiest, most affordable loan in Metro Atlanta, brought to you by ePawn!


The process takes minutes; all you need is a driver’s license and fingerprint!


Business is conducted in private offices and all collateral is SECURED in bank vaults.


When others turn your item away, ePawn say, “Yes we will write you a loan!” Nine convenient locations are available in the Atlanta area. See Location Tab for one near you. We can give you the most money on your item at a lower interest rate!

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